From Lagos to Europe and Back.

From Lagos to Europe and Back.

So after some hitches with my phone, we finally left home around 07:30 hrs.  “We” consists of myself and my EASY RIDERS brethren, who have come to ride with me to the border and wish me a safe trip!

We eventually get to the border, although some of us get separated.  I clear all formalities in no time, and it’s time to go!  “Bye guys”!  And I am off!

Cross over to the Benin side of the border, and the adventure begins!  I have already cleared all formalities, but am stopped as I am about to leave the border.  I show my papers but the official there says my papers are wrong and that I have to pay to pass him.  “No sir, I will not pay.  Instead, we can go back to the Customs Post, and I will do the right thing!”  So we go back, and he is told that I am ok and should be allowed through!  My first ‘mini-adventure’… and so, so early on my trip!

…..The story is actually quite a long one but if you are ready for it….download PART 1 here, PART 2 here, Part 3 here and Part 4 here.


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